A powerful app to manage all your groceries 🥕

Beautiful and powerful grocery manager: Shopping lists, recipes, inventories and detailed reports.

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One reason my wife and I use Wunderlist is for the capability for both of us to add items. I think you need the capability to share here.
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@nyjetlife Thanks for your feedback! The first stage of sharing is real time sync, which is already implemented and will be released soon (maybe already in the next version). Just wanted to keep this release manageable, in particular because server introduces ongoing costs and the pricing model is still TBD. In this stage you will be able to share with other users by logging in with the same account. This behaves the same as typical sharing, except that you don't see notifications (you just see the other user's actions) and of course it can be inconvenient when logging in with social media accounts. The next stage - full-fledged sharing, with invites and notifications, is in early progress and will be released in a later version.
Android? Looks great! I used to use something similar which has since been abandoned :)
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@anna_0x Thank you! If iOS goes well there will be an Android version. The reason I used iOS, ironically, was that I had mainly Android experience and wanted to improve on iOS. Are there any features you're particularly interested in? Starting with a feature subset would make it possible to release sooner.
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@i_schuetz hey! Sure! Mainly interested in 3 things: Auto categorization of items (eg fruits, vegetables, meat, etc) Inventory Sync (+ share) so that too people can use the same list and I can use it from both of my phones. Sharing is secondary because you can have 1 account for 2 people
@anna_0x Thanks for your feedback! It definitely makes sense to release the lists (with sync) first. I still have to do a few things for the Apple world but hope I can start soon with Android.
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Is this voiceover compatible??? My wife is blind and we always find it a challenge to find apps that are completely accessible.
@j5uh No but noted! I've totally neglected accessibility so far 👎 Will see if I can get this in for the next version, if not soon after. Would your wife be available to try it out when it's done? Would love some feedback from the intended audience 🙂
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@i_schuetz yes! @theblindcook would be available. We're always looking for new tools to help us in the kitchen.
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@j5uh Thank you! I'll notify @theblindcook when it's done.
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