Helping you build a fulfilling career.

GroHappy is an online tool designed to help you get clear on your career priorities and take confident steps forward.

GroHappy helps you set your current career goal, provides personalised content and prepares you for important conversations.

In the future, GroHappy will be the AI-powered career compass that helps you build a brilliant career.

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Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
The boosting self leadership has me interested, do the HR make the questions or are there a selection provided?
@aaronoleary at GroHappy, we've worked closely with professional coaches to shape the questions that'll best help individuals to grow their self-leadership skills. Equally, we love hearing from users and HR teams for suggestions of questions they'd like to see in there.
Hey Product Hunt-ers! I’m Karina, one of the co-makers of GroHappy, along with my superb co-makers Jim, Jonny, Ben, Lorenzo, Bench & Bond. 🙌 We’re really excited to launch on Product Hunt and share more about what we’re building at GroHappy. --- The inspiration for GroHappy came from our own experience as employees. We reached a point in our careers where we felt a little lost - but found that all the help available was either too expensive or hard to reach. We started pondering... “what if we could make amazing career support available to everyone, not just senior leaders?” Imagine... the Headspace for careers 😮 --- GroHappy is being used by pioneering companies who know that one of the best ways to keep amazing employees is to help them grow. Through GroHappy, individuals get clear on their career priorities, get help to have better career conversations and discover resources (podcasts, events, courses and more) to help them take confident steps forwards. 💫 --- Wanna try it? There’s SO much more we envision for the product but we’d love to get your feedback on this release - so please ask questions and let us know what you think 💭 Want to try it out? We’re currently growing our beta community so apply here if you’d like to try it out free for a month: