Grocery 2.0

Smart Sorting List App — Now with Recipes and Meal Planning

Grocery is the easiest and most efficient way to build a list and shop at the grocery store. And because Grocery learns from your shopping behavior, it puts your list in order automatically. Grocery now has recipe and meal planning features as well.

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Grocery is a Smart shopping list app. We've been working on the 2.0 release for almost a year! The main new feature is Recipes — you can create and manage your own personal library of recipes. It's really easy to plan out what meals you want to make, and buy only the necessary ingredients at the store. Recipes files are just markdown text files, so you can feel confident that even if you stop using Grocery, your recipes won't be trapped. We built a custom editing interface to hide the markdown syntax from the user, but if you want to edit in a text editor you can! Everything syncs over iCloud Drive, so you can even edit on a Mac. Features include: - SmartSort puts your list in shopping order - The best Apple Watch app for marking off items in store - Assign lists to stores - Geofences for stores - Lots of Themes - New Icons - Improved "CleanUp" feature to make your list more readable - Timer "timeline" for complex recipes - Recommended "QuickAdd" items based on buying trends