GroBox One

Easy to use indoor hydroponics greenhouse

GroBox One is your complete, smart, done-for-you hydroponics greenhouse that allows you to grow and harvest "anything" all year round! It's soil-less, compact, and it has everything you need -- LED lights, digital control panel, odor filters, self-watering function. All the essentials, none of the BS! Just set it and forget it!

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Thanks for hunting @rax_alvarez how did you stumble upon this? Curious to know what the best use cases for it are... is it like having a greenhouse indoors? 🌱
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Raquel Alvarez
Marketing Manager, GroBox
@abadesi it definitely is having a greenhouse indoors! you can grow in it whatever can be grown hydroponically! we're handling marketing for this product.
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