GroBox One

Easy to use indoor hydroponics greenhouse

GroBox One is your complete, smart, done-for-you hydroponics greenhouse that allows you to grow and harvest "anything" all year round! It's soil-less, compact, and it has everything you need -- LED lights, digital control panel, odor filters, self-watering function. All the essentials, none of the BS! Just set it and forget it!

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Thanks for hunting @rax_alvarez how did you stumble upon this? Curious to know what the best use cases for it are... is it like having a greenhouse indoors? 🌱
@abadesi it definitely is having a greenhouse indoors! you can grow in it whatever can be grown hydroponically! we're handling marketing for this product.
Great job!! Unique concept, kindly brief us about your vision from this product 😊
@ayush_chandra if you're someone who wants to grow your own food or herbs all year round and you don't have the expertise and space for it, GroBox One is definitely the answer! You can get one through until Feb 22 and through from Feb 22 onwards. :)