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Grin is the leading influencer marketing platform, helping brands build and manage their influencer networks and campaigns.

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How does this work @1bmechem?
@1bmechem @amrith Hi guys - co-founder & CEO of Grin here, pretty cool to see Michael hunting us and appreciate all the upvotes. Our software is for eCommerce brands who have large influencer programs and want more efficiency with their process and clarity on the ROI. We're SaaS so we have no incentive to maximize cash costs, we don't make our $ as a % of spend, so many of the sophisticated/mature influencer programs prefer us vs. a marketplace or a network.
Do you have many influencers active at the moment? The idea is good, but lets say If I be a member for the services, how would you guarantee results and its value for the price somebody pays..Genuine ROI for example..
@alex_mathews We're not a marketplace, meaning we don't have a "job board' for influencers to pitch brands, so we don't track how many influencers are active. Most of our customers come to us with a big existing network they've built themselves. I will say our best customers are working with anywhere from 2k-5k influencers every month, sending them product in exchange for content and driving traffic.
what makes your product better thant the other similar products out there?
@saijogeorge we enable you to own your most important asset: the influencer relationship. marketplaces and networks create a super transactional experience with a built-in incentive to maximize cash costs to the brand. We're the exact opposite. Pay in product, no commissions and drive massive scale while retaining complete control of your relationships.
@brandon_brown_grin thanks, BTW you design look a lot like stripe's website.
love the colors. good work with the design!
almost entirely "inspired" from 🤷
@saijogeorge we love stripe! I guess you could tell :)