Grid Diary 2

A diary system designed for self-growth & mindfulness

From record to reflection, from reviewing life to knowing yourself, from planning goals to achieving a dream. Grid Diary is dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of a diary.
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Hey Product Hunt community, We are excited to introduce Grid Diary 2, a diary system designed for self-growth & mindfulness. Grid Diary 2 came from an app I created seven years ago for my own needs. In the past few years, we were ecstatic to see more and more people develop the habit of keeping a diary with the help of it. Witnessing our users' growth, we decided to make Grid Diary grow with them so it can truly help the people who consider keeping a diary as a lifelong habit. Grid Diary 2 is designed to maximize the effectiveness of a diary. With the grid format and prompt library, you will always have something to write. With multiple journals, different timeline dimensions, and customizable templates, you are able to keep track of any aspect of your life. Combining all of them, you can create a dairy that best suits your individual needs - it can be a mood tracker, a self-growth journal, a goal planner...It is all defined by you. What's Next: - Custom prompts and quotes - Video and Audio attachments - Apple pencil support - Mac OS version - and more... Tell us what's your idea. Help us explore how far diaries can lead us! Thanks again and please let us know your thoughts.
@kyoji2 When you expect to lunch the Mac version?
Hi @artasharakelyan! We are planning to launch the Mac version by the end of this year!

So excited that 2.0 is coming! Everything feels so nature and easy to use. The more I use it, the more I enjoy it.


Simply beautiful and elegant design, Highly customizable.



Great work 👍
Grid Diary 2 is the only app I added to my iPhone dock. It helped me develop a good habit of keeping a diary.