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Awesome job guys!
Hi all, we launched our Indiegogo campaign on Monday of this week, and the feedback has been great. We'd love to hear your thoughts, questions and comments - please let us know here!
To see some of the press we've received, I've included a few links below FastCo.Design - http://bit.ly/1LarvxD Refinery29 - http://r29.co/1IQqSq2 Curbed - http://bit.ly/1DDcgh9 Architect Magazine - http://bit.ly/1DPznoS
@johnbhumphrey Congrats on the launch! Curious how you're seeing trends in your space play out - I saw Tylko launch at the LAUNCH Festival in 2014. They're letting users customize their furniture during the checkout process. Do you see the furniture customization trend happening concurrently at the pre-purchase phase and post-purchase? Or will the pre-purchase tools like Tylko be relegated to use by professionals like architects, interior designers etc that service consumers? Love the product! Will definitely try it out next time I'm moving into an unfurnished place :)
@johnbhumphrey awesome stuff John. I've been following Greycork for a while since I heard of it through Arsenal. Curious, what challenges did you go through in making this product a reality?
@warrenalfred Hi Warren, thanks for that. Tough question you've asked, I'm afraid I don't have a great answer that wouldn't be too long-winded, since there were (and are still) plenty of challenges. What I will say, however, is when building a physical consumer product it's critical to follow a thorough and repeatable design process. For us, we use principles and tools from IDEO's Human Centered Design, MIT's Product Design and Development, and RISD's critical making.
@johnbhumphrey has been cool to watch this evolve man. Keep up the great work!
Great Providence start-up! I have personally sat on their living room set prototype, and it is comfortable and great.
@jonbittner Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jon!
One of my favorite fast-rising vertically operated (John has a stake in the main factory, it's family-owned) business. Keep an eye out for these guys.
Look great! Tiny bit of feedback: the audio in your IGG video is pretty rough. The music is way too loud and the voices all sound muffled. The visuals are pretty spot-on though.