Greycork Home Try-Out

See how furniture looks in your home before buying

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Buying furniture online is really hard, esp. when you don't know how the product looks inside your home. Greycork just released Home Try-Out, a clever sticker package that allows you to see how furniture is presented inside the living room. The kit includes five clear sheets and stickers displaying Greycork's furniture. Simply place a sticker on the clear sheet, stand a short distance from the wall, hold up the stickered sheet, and take a photo to get a sense of how Greycork’s furniture will look before buying. Would love to have @johnbhumphrey, founder and CEO, join for an AMA as to why the team built this and goals for the new product.
@daveambrose Hey Dave, thanks! We've thought a good deal about how to take the risk out of buying furniture, which is a significant investment. The Home Try-Out is one way for us to do that, along with other flexible policies like our free 30-Day return policy. As a team, we're proud of the improvements we've made to our product line; the Home Try-Out is a way to help us make it easier for people to get comfortable with Greycork before making a purchase.
This is absolutely brilliant.
@jabrueckner Thanks Joshua, we're excited about it. Pick one up!
This is clever marketing
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan
I actually think this is a very simple yet powerful idea. People tend to complicate their lives building sophisticated apps when sometimes something as simple can be equally powerful, or more! Well done!
@glaboo_com Thanks! Our Head of Design, Alec, had some similar comments in an article just published by Curbed:
what advantages does this have over using an app that does the same thing?
@wuss Aside from stickers and clear sheets, our kits also include swatches of the fabric and the wood so you can see and feel the texture of the materials.