Everlane for furniture

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thanks to @ryandawidjan for tipping me off to this team up in Boston some months back but Greycork is aiming to provide a no-hassle way of purchasing top quality furniture (made in the US!) direct to the consumer. it reminds me of Everlane ( in the product's simplicity.
@daveambrose can we just say in general that @ryandawidjan is the Jedi Master of knowing what's up? Congrats on the launch @johnhumphrey, when's that auction happening........
I really like this idea @johnbhumphrey.
@davemorin Thanks Dave
Hey everyone thanks for the upvotes. The team and I are considering auctioning off one product, and we'll ship it immediately. Therefore, the winner of the auction would be the very first owner of Greycork furniture anywhere in the world. Curious to hear thoughts - @daveambrose @adamsigel @rje7 @SacBookReviewer @nayafia @davemorin ?
@johnbhumphrey @daveambrose @adamsigel @rje7 @SacBookReviewer @nayafia @davemorin I would merge it with the pop-up dinner type event. Buy the dinner + Kinfolk live type event.
Launch is pretty focused on a single product type made at multiple sizes (benches, coffee tables, dining tables all look very similar). I wonder if that's their clever way to have broader product appeal at launch, or if they heard a specific need for these types of furniture pieces? Good looking furniture for sure.
@adamsigel we see this is as our entry-point. Up next in the queue may be a sofa and bed frame.
Very interesting. Love the visual identity. Feels like they are missing some very important imagery for things like the pitentiak dining room table. Namely showing it in that use case. Curious to see how they compare to a blu dot. With furniture at this price point digital only might still be tricky. Dot and Bo seems to be in my Facebook feed every hour and still haven't pulled the trigger on anything for fear of $1000 commitment without seeing it in person. (Reviews at places like Amazon for >$500 items usually have a critical mass theme wise which helps make the leap. Furniture/fixtures don't have that always...)
@rje7 Hey Ricky this is great feedback. To help get over the fear of commitment, we've done a couple things: 1. We offer free shipping and free returns 2. We've partnered with Affirm, so you can pay over 3, 6 or 12 months Re: Reviews - These will be added soon.
@johnbhumphrey 3. Boston pop-up shop? (please?)
@adamsigel 100% coming soon. Or, better idea. We've been finding groups of 6 friends, showing up at their apartment with furniture, food and drinks and hosting a dinner party for them and the 3 Greycork co-founders. Want to be the next one?
@adamsigel Awesome, I'll be in touch