Run chaos engineering experiments safely and securely

Gremlin Free provides a hosted Chaos Monkey as-a-Service to help companies identify system weaknesses before they become outages. You can use Gremlin Free to randomly shut down servers and simulate CPU spikes on your way to building more reliable software.
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Would this work with Azure specifically App Services?
@erwin_will Yes! Gremlin has built ALFI (application-level fault injection) that can help you with this -- ping us at and we'll be happy to help :) You can also join the Chaos Engineering community on Slack:
Hey everyone! My name is Kolton, CEO and Co-Founder at Gremlin. We are advocates of Chaos Engineering as a way to proactively identify weaknesses in your systems, before they cause outages and cost you money. I personally come from Amazon and Netflix, and have hired engineers from Google, Dropbox, Uber and other places that have seen the benefits of this approach. Gremlin Free is a simple, safe, and secure way to start running chaos experiments and validating the resilience of your software. Feel free to ask any questions!