Trade US stocks from India with zero commission trades

Today, Indians pay ₹500+ in commissions with high minimum deposits to trade U.S. stocks through traditional brokerages. GreenTiger enables every Indian with a smartphone to invest with zero commission trades + fractional shares.
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Thanks for the hunt @katmanalac Hi everyone! My name is Prateek and I'm the co-founder of GreenTiger. I wanted my mom (who lives in India) to invest in US equities, and as I went about researching what's the best place to open an account for her, it dawned on me that there was no clear or affordable option for us! Most brokerages were outdated, needed you to physically submit paperwork, submit high deposits, and/or charged high commissions. This is what drove @tburn7 and I to build a simpler, affordable, and less scary alternative that could make it easier for people like you and me to invest in companies we loved without being inundated by information. Our goal is to make investing less scary and more rewarding, and we're just getting started on that journey. If you're interested, we're offering the first 100 people who sign up using our PH referral link early access. Everyone else who signs up using this link afterwards gets one bump on the waitlist :) Here's the link:
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@katmanalac @tburn7 @prateek_swain1 This is so cool prateek this is so cool and going the indie way is more awesome! Congratulations on the launch
@prateek_swain1 I have tried Vested how GreenTiger is different from it? Also can I get early access to platform to play around & start investing from it.
This is insane! I can't believe I'll finally be able to buy US securities from India!
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@pranav_arora2 Thank you! Do you currently have a portfolio or are interested in trading US equities? Let me know and I'll get you early access.
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As the millennial middle class in India swells ( ~ 550 mil in 2025 acc to McKinsey ) - products like this will fuel savings, investing and a global perspective. Excited to see two passionate and intelligent founders laying the basis for financial empowerment in India.
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@kanishk_vashisht Thank you so much!
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Zero commission, no red tape. Truly amazing.
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@aayush_bhasin Thanks Aayush!
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Amazing... commission-free stock trading is going to be a big win for India on all fronts!
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@akash_levy that's what we hope so too :)