Instantly see where any U.S. politician gets their money

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Great idea and save a lot of time of developers! Good job team :)
This is so cool. It's a browser plugin that inserts hover links where politicians' names are on the page. Hover to see a quick card detailing what lobbies their biggest donations come from, and what percent are <$200. Reading about a political issue? Easily see who's in a conflict of interest. Click to learn more details about their contributions, and positions on specific campaign finance reform proposals. Their landing page says it well: "Puts vital data where it’s most relevant so you can discover the real impact of money on our political system."
Oh - and the creator is a 16 years old high school sophomore: Not even old enough to vote, but old enough to use tech to add transparency for those who can. Super cool.
this is pretty fun, especially the name which is the same as the World's biggest Marijuana seeds provider from Amsterdam haha
super cool - love seeing stories like this. let's get this kid some well-deserved buzz. cc'ing founder @nickrubin - what inspired you to build this? Where's it going?