Block invention made from concrete & ash in Gaza, Palestine

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jude彡Hunter@nightfallsnet · CEO Yungcloud LLC
Hey, My first post on product hunt, normally wouldn't post an indiegogo - but saw this project by a civil engineer in Gaza Palestine, she spent 3 months researching making new blocks from the ashes of war.. Their blocks are stronger, flame resistant and lighter! it's such a cool project and their indigogo only has $800.. Can we help get the project funded? "GREENCAKE bricks are environmentally-friendly building blocks which are of a high quality and yet low in cost. In this campaign, we aim to develop the GreenCake blocks further, in order to improve it's specifications, so we can create a mini production line for it in Gaza to help rebuild the houses that have been destroyed through the three wars!"
jude彡Hunter@nightfallsnet · CEO Yungcloud LLC
From greencakeblocks FB page: "PLEASE DONATE FOR CREATING #GREENCAKE BLOCKS FACTORY IN GAZA ! HERE WE ARE ! GreenCake campaign has been started ! be a part of our journey in establishing GreenCake in Gaza and so we can REBUILD houses with environmentally,sustainable,cheap and strong Palestinian blocks ! To Know more about the campaign and how to SUPPORT please enter the link below! #GreenCake #حجرنا Majd Ismail Mashharawi"