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This is cool! Could be a perfect fit for a person like me who loves smoothies, but too lazy to search for recipes and hates grocery shopping. Can't wait to try!
Thanks @andrewett for sharing our company! @amir_cohen and I launched GreenBlender about 3 years ago shortly after moving in together in Brooklyn, NY (we're dating, still are!). I'm an active health and fitness enthusiast, and Amir... well not so much. I bought a blender and started making smoothies for breakfast before work and giving Amir some of the left-overs. Before we knew it, we were both making smoothies every morning and feeling amazing. That’s when we realized that when great ingredients and delicious recipes were easily accessible in our home, it was easy to start our day with a healthy decision. Amir and I wanted to bring that experience to as many people as possible. Amir and I both had careers in online startups before launching GreenBlender. Amir was the VP of Product at CollegeHumor and I was in marketing at ClassPass. We saw the power an online business held and wanted to create a hybrid of an online experience and a physical product that helped people create healthy habits that lasted a lifetime. Feel free to try it out yourself! $10 off your first order with the code PRODUCTHUNT Ask anything you'd like. I'm actually doing a live chat on April 6
I've tried a few of the meal subscription services. I think I'd really like this one. Most popular plan is $4.40 per serving. Cheaper than a meal, but is it a meal replacement?

hey thanks for finding us! @andrewett It depends on how active you are. Many people use this as a meal replacement and some supplement the smoothies with a scoop of protein powder to make it more of a meal.
@jennatanenbaum Thanks for popping in! Mind sharing a bit more about this service and the inspiration behind it? (perhaps better as a main comment, not in reply to this) Also, any discounts for the PH fam? 🙏
@andrewett Because picking up a bunch of fruit and veggies at the store is too difficult? I am not trying to be snarky, but really?
@andreasduess Not going to the store > going to the store IMO
@andrewett Good idea. Doing it now!
This could be really cool if the service offered better choices... meaning: I love juicing [greener the better] and not so much smoothies because of the high sugar content [even if natural sugars]... so if there was a 'green/healthier juice/smoothie' plan where the recipes and ingredients were more focused around that type of mindset - would be really cool!!! But the not knowing while maybe fun for some people and/or a nice novelty, would wear off pretty quickly for me at least...
@exlemor Juices contain far more sugar than smoothies. There is very little wrong with natural carbohydrates in smoothies, specifically because they come bundled with fiber and the entire plant.
@andreasduess Andreas - interesting but not what I am finding to be accurate... then again I understand there's juice and juice offerings out on the market... but comparing say one that I use from time to time and GreenBlender's recipes... A good Green juice has 6-8g of Sugar... [for a 16fl oz bottle/yield]... Looking at GreenBlender's smoothies, the sugar content is way higher - For example, I went looking at the Green Protein ( which is listed as Low Sugar and that's already 10g for a 12 oz yield... others I looked at went from 10g to 23g sugars for a 12 oz yield and I have seen other companies' products go into the 32g range :/... Am I missing something?
Does Greenblender still exist?