Quit smoking and cure cravings with meditation ✅

Most quit smoking apps don't actually help you cure your cravings when you're desperate for a cigarette. And you can forget hypnotherapy. Breathing and Meditation is where all the science is at. Green uses 30 second breathing intervals in order to kill your cigarette cravings fast.

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I guess Android users should continue with their bad habits 😅
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I would also like to see this for Android.
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Smoking is inarguably toxic 🚬 💊 💉. Green helps aid cravings so you can go green , and be smoke free.
@roubosharry Thanks for hunting - is there research that supports this idea of meditating reducing cravings? I can imagine how it could... but haven't read much about it.
@abadesi Hey thanks for the interest. Studies have shown yogic-style breathing exercises or meditation can considerably reduce cigarette cravings It is also shown that small amounts of physical exercise can help reduce cravings as well
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smoking kills! this app is good since it help to prevent their cravings for cigarette