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Whether you're trying to lose weight or just working to feel more confident and comfortable, download Greater, choose your diet, meet your perfect team and start your 30-day health journey.

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Hi everyone-- for years at Greatist we've been working to build the Weight Watchers of the future... and now we've launched Greater, a mobile app which pairs you with a small group of others people like you to do 30-day diets such as Paleo, vegan, and low-sugar (for $19.99 per track). It's basically a digital support group platform-- that comes with progress tracking, loads of content, and most importantly a safe and fun chat. The plan's to add lots more diets (and eventually non-diets) to the 30-day programs you can sign up for soon... and eventually we hope to move to a monthly, subscription-based offering. I'm hoping this is just the start of an ambitious vision to build THE support group platform everyone turns to whenever they want to get better. But, in the meantime, this is very much version 1.0 just in time for New Year's. Look forward to your feedback, ideas, and more!
@thederek As communities play an increasingly important role in our lives and identity I'm very excited about this and your mission to build THE support group platform! Exciting stuff.
@abadesi Thanks Abadesi-- glad you're excited! Couldn't agree more, especially in terms of identity. In case you're curious, here's a little more on the backstory for why we're starting to build this instead of something else in the health and wellness space. Okay, so we've been asking our audience at Greatist for years what's holding them back from reaching their health goals... and discovered it's not a lack of resources or information, but the feeling that they're in it alone. The facts say millennials are way less engaged with civic and religious community. We've turned to the Internet for connection and sometimes that's awesome, but other times it falls short. Anyway, I think more and more people are turning to health and wellness as an excuse to find others like them (think The November Project, Wanderlust, Daybreaker, etc...), to build an identity (think Crossfit, Zumba, SoulCycle, etc...), and frankly make friends. My pet theory here is that these become the new church for a lot of people... and health and wellness in effect becomes a new religion. Long story short, we're not trying to build religion here (yikes), but we are trying to help people who feel like they don't have friends like them to tackle health goals + people who feel like they don't have access to the mostly bougie stuff mentioned above. Maybe we can help people find the community and belonging they seek... or, if not, at least help them learn a couple things from 30 days of a program they can stick with forever. Ha-- sorry for the long response!
@thederek Everything you say makes a lot of sense - thanks for sharing the back story. Always great to get more insight 😄
@abadesi Yay-- so glad!
Just purchased the Paleo track and really excited to get started. The app is well designed and inviting - clearly well thought through. I can see this having a big impact on people's lives.
@justpw Thanks Justin-- appreciate the support here!
I dig it. Any chance people in the future can create their own private tracks for niche fitness goals?
@frank_denbow Totally-- hoping we can expand eventually not just past diets, but any kind of programs and especially in the fitness space (think Couch to 5K, StrongLifts, etc...). We'll totally let people choose their own teams if they want, do it with their friends & family, even set up the rules + program they want to follow themselves (whole thing's been built to be a platform). In between the more extreme, multiplayer 30-day challenges, we imagine there's a single player option more focused on maintenance + focusing on building small habits you either want to continue or add. That's where a subscription will come in. We wanted to get the multiplayer experience right before diving into single player mode-- but I'm hoping we get there!
Could work, I can see it becoming the online Church diet support group. Always remember the original diet was given in the garden of eden before “modern science” was born...
@androidlove Thanks Carlos-- I think that'd be an exciting use case!
This looks like a great idea. Social support is necessary for things like this!
@derekhalpern Thanks to my favorite other Derek! :)