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Great Day is an app that reminds you every day to literally type out your goals - that way you remember them! Use it to burn any habit into your mind. You can also track your progress on your goals by inputting how you're feeling about that particular goal every day. Then you can see a graph of your feelings over time.


Adam Barr-Neuwirth


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Adam Barr-Neuwirth
Adam Barr-NeuwirthMaker@adambn · Student at UCSB
I created this app to force myself to write down my goals every day. Since writing something down is the best way to burn it into your mind, this app makes you do that with your goals. You can also move a slider and rate how you feel about each goal after you type it out, and then you can see a graph of your feelings over time. You can use this to boost your confidence (writing down positive things), quit a bad habit (reinforcing what you need to remember), or form better habits.
Nare Dovla
Nare Dovla@nare_dovla · Moon by 1-Ring
Looks nice, good wishes