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Companies that oppose the recently issued immigration order

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Not sure I want to live in a world where companies must have social justice-approved opinions on every political development of the day.
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@chasegiunta If a religious test to enter the country, affecting people fleeing violence, isn't a high enough bar for you, what's your minimum baseline for what companies should have an opinion on? Especially when it affects their employee base, or the ability to recruit talent from other countries?
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@jordankrueger Don't straw man my stance here. I'm fine if companies want to have opinions on sociopolitical topics. What I'm not fine on is collecting a list of companies, refusing to do business, shaming, etc. based on their lack of opinions expressed for various current events - such as this website is doing, and what I've seen other loud political activists on social media doing.
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@chasegiunta Right, so when IS it okay to start a list of companies that haven't taken a stance? What's your minimum bar for when it's perfectly acceptable to shame companies that refuse to speak out against injustice?
@jordankrueger @chasegiunta fake news Jordan. there isn't a single word in the EO about religion. reading > following hashtags.
@jordankrueger @chasegiunta the meaning of "injustice" here is your opinion, not an absolute. banning immigrants is the right of any sovereign nation, and many many nations do it.
I think it's a disingenuous to include Uber without some kind of disclaimer. They tried to break the NYC taxi strike by artificially deflating prices. It blew up in their face, which is why Travis tried to save face with the donation after the fact. It should be noted on the site that they were pro ban (or at least anti strike) before public pressure caused a reversal.
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(Rolls eyes)
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I can see this list growing huuuuugely - add your company! In the midst of everything that is going on, there is a glimmer seeing people rallying together and making things like this with people getting behind it.
The tech bubble is real... let's see those companies donate some shareholder money to help out. Make a list of those companies helping with money rather than making noise. They only care for the cheap labor or knowledge worker that can help them get an edge and make profits $$$.
@androidlove Lyft donated $1M to the ACLU. Fairly significant amount I'd say.
@ethosventures make a list of that, not this propaganda.