Grayscale the Web

Removes all 🌈 color from websites, turning them gray ❕

Can't stop surfing the web? You may not realize it, but all of that color is designed to hijack your brain and keep you browsing.

Grayscale the Web is a great solution to help with this. It removes all of the color, giving sites a plain, grayed out look. They will appear much more boring, and that's the whole point.

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Great extension! I actually built this for myself a couple of months ago but didn't have the motivation to make it publishable. What I suggest adding is a countdown function that desaturates pages over time. So for example if you spend 30 minutes on reddit, the page will slowly turn grey.
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@jonas_hohmann That countdown feature is great. Didn't even know I wanted that!
Oh wow thanks for sharing @lucabobbio, been doing this for my phone, it's great to have it on the web as well πŸ™Œ
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This sounds like a great idea. Any plans to bring it to Safari? Also, can images be excluded? I'd be curious to know how it works if you're willing to share more details.
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This is AMAZING. One of the variants of Synesthesia I have melds colors/sounds/emotions -- Black and white is quiet & at rest. Spending a ton of time with bright colors gets exhausting. I can't wait to use this!!
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A greyscale menubar toggle for Mac would be awesome :-)
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