Gravity Wireframe Kit is a collection of UI elements and common layouts so you can wireframe faster in sketch.

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Would be great to get a better idea of all the assets included in the kit before purchasing!
@d0b0 Hey Sam I'm actually working on updating the site to include a sample download and also adding some more images of the actual pages and artboard to the site!
What does this do exactly? There’s not a whole lot of information on your splash page...
@johnrwhaley Just updated the page with a download preview and some image previews of the artboards in sketch!
Great job Chris!
@markoxvee Thanks, Marko =]
Hey everyone! I just updated the page with a download link to get a preview of the kit and also some image previews! Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions!
Looks bad on iphone, images are not responsive, you should fix that asap
@csaba_kissi Yeah that landing page was thrown together a while ago and forgot to finish doing some optimizations for smaller screens and devices. Fixed now so thanks for reminding me =] "should' and "asap" made me chuckle – thanks for that too ;)