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Hi all - Gravity Sketch co-founder here. I’m so excited to announce that we’re launching Gravity Sketch VR today. Gravity Sketch is an immersive 3D creation tool. You can create detailed professional grade 3D models, scenes, and artwork in a fast, intuitive way! Over the past few months, we have been working with 500 beta users from various creative backgrounds - Automotive Design, Industrial Design, CGI, concept design and more ;) We can't wait to get you onboard and see what you create!!
This is super cool. Definitely feels like one of the killer features for VR. Curious how cumbersome it is to wear the VR gear for long periods of time, especially when moving so actively.
@treggify Thanks Tregg. We've seen 8 hours of sketching taking place in a single session and the results were amazing ;)
@danielaprds That's awesome. I'd love to try it.
@treggify Give it a go and let us know what you think! We look forward to seeing some of your Gravity Sketches ;)
wow looks so good, i must try
@thenosh Please do and let us know what you think!
LOVE THIS. I'm buying it now for my Oculus.
@nathanwindsor Awesome. Please let un know how it goes! Happy sketching ;)