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This sounds super interesting. Moving and drawing in a 3d space on a 2d screen is something extremely difficult UX wise, even with highly configurable devices like keyboards and mice. Would love to see how it's solved with touchscreens. Once there will be an android version, of course :) (gotta have one of those comments, shouldn't it? ^^ )
@oelmekki Fear not, for the Android version is coming soon... As well as the Oculus version ;)
@ppaslier Awesome, thanks :)
@ppaslier can we expect an iPhone version soon?
Actually @albn we have something in alpha. 😉 Will show you next time we're in NYC
@ppaslier can't wait! I'd love to beta test it :)
Hi all - Gravity Sketch co-founder here. I’m so excited to announce that we’re launching Gravity Sketch worldwide in partnership with Shapeways and Sketchfab. We’ve welcomed thousands of new 3D sketchers in past couple of days and are incredibly excited to see the impact of accessible 3D creation on education, entertainment and science. Happy to answer any questions. Give it a try - 3d creation has never been easier (and it's free).
@ppaslier Clever partnerships :) congrats
@tribaling Thx! We need everyone's help if we want to lower the barriers to 3D literacy...
Gravity Sketch is one of the easiest way I've seen to draw in 3D. You can check out some examples in 3D here: https://sketchfab.com/tags/gravi...
As @albn said, Sketchfab is natively built in Gravity Sketch. You can share your 3d sketch at the push of a button and embed it everywhere as Sketchfab is supported on pretty much every platform out there.
Gravity Sketch is an impressive and powerful tool which allows users to produce a large range of high quality models. It is incredibly intuitive to use, solving some of the biggest issues with taking up 3D modeling, without the loss of precision and resolution some other programs have. At the end of the day it is just incredibly fulfilling and fun to go from nothing to your own 3d model and print in next to no time at all!
@blueskyfail Cheers! Unlike traditional CAD, we've tried to create a WYSIWYG experience, which brings a much less frustrating UX for visual thinkers. We've also created a substantial amount of tutorials (https://goo.gl/EdtWQQ), always helps :)
Love the idea! I am definitely a customer - in addition this is going to start to get crazy the more it gets refined, possibilities are endless. Wonderful product!