Easiest + fastest way to share contact info in person

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Howdy y'all! @AlexEKoren and I built Gravity at the Facebook Global Hackathon Finals a few months ago. Gravity lets you share any contact info (fb, Twitter, Phone #, Email) you select by quickly scanning a QR code. Friend requests, follows, and contact info will be then transferred automatically. It also works if the other person doesn't have the app through a texted unique link. Thought it was a fun project (we initially used vibrations + custom ternary library Alex wrote), and polished it up + published.
@jjeremycai I denied access to FB and seems now I am stuck. Deleted and downloaded again - still appear to be stuck.
@jjeremycai @m1lesv Just make sure that you go to Settings in iOS, then Facebook, and allow Gravity access! It's a noted bug and will be fixed in our next release!
My friends @jjeremycai and @alexekoren at the global finals FB Hackathon. Gravity allows you to share things like Contact info by scanning a QR Code! Pretty Cool Idea!
What is your long term goal with it? Put it in the App Store and see where it goes, or look to build a company around it?
What'd The Zuck think of it?
@davefontenot Unfortunately he never swung by :(
But, can you make a version that doesn't require 2 people to have the app?