Gravit 3.0

Gravit is a professional web-based design tool

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Our version 3 is launched today. Gravit has expanded its scope to allow people to edit photos through the integration with Polarr Photo Editor 3. This is exciting time for us and is the first in the market to offer both vector and bitmap workflows to the users without the need to switch between the two apps. Polarr brings many benefits to photo retouching, including advance adjustments, cropping and tilting. Our frontend has also given a major rework to make it even more flexible and easy to manage projects by using the folder concepts similar to Google Drive. Users just need to create a folder to upload photos or create new designs. On top of that, we have introduced Marketplace resources by partnering with Icons8 and Unsplash to import their high quality icons and photos directly into your designs. The most major aspect is the Designer. We have given it a total facelift with a new light skin interface. Under the hood, we have improved every aspects from making the canvas area wider, added a lot of tooling improvements to make it intuitive for anyone to start designing, better pixel rendering and a new color picker that will turn off the selection outline giving you a full visual when playing with colors. Design like a Boss!
Curious how this is different than Figma?
@soengle The key concept we want to highlight is seamlessly integrated workflows. We see collaboration not just a few users working on the same design and giving comments. But rather each should have its own defined roles to use certain features and collaborate with each other towards the end goals of a project. There are too many tools doing overlapped features and ended up making you paying a few online subscriptions in order to do the tasks effectively. We want to change that and to make a true design platform packed with innovative features to allow our users to create a range of designs from screen to print as well as marketing assets for your social media needs. We want to connect everyone by demonstrating the new possibilities you can do even better on the web.
@soengle Furthermore Gravit contains more design related features including merging of shapes, extended pen and knife tool, 40+ filter effects, background effects (nice for freeze / blur effects etc.) and much more that other design tools are actually missing :)
This tool is really cool :-)