Gratitude Reminders

Brightens your day with mantras to keep you grateful

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Having used many of the gratitude journal apps I wanted to create something a little different, something that could even be used along side those apps. What I have come up with is an app which gives you randomly timed gratitude reminders throughout the day. This keeps you thinking about gratitude without having to stop everything and put a journal entry in. It has a collection of gratitude mantras and quotes you can choose for the reminders or you can even create your own. The feature I’m most proud of is that you can choose a photo to accompany the reminder. When I have been testing it I have selected a lot of photos of my cat, and times with friends, but you can also use the default photos as well. ## If you would like to get the upgrade for free install the app then click this link: ## The free upgrade lets you choose unlimited reminders and create your own, and allows you to add your own custom photos. I hope you find it useful and please, please comment if you have any feedback!
@unattendedunicorn Hey Rich. Congrats on innovative way of tackling gratitude. I personally know how powerful gratitude expression is but also how challenging (and frustrating at times) it could be to be in this marketplace. We all agree that we need to exercise more gratitude but we all are swept up by everything going on around us that we do not spend enough time thinking or doing something about gratitude. Q: 1. What technology goes into upgrading in-app purchase using a web link (thank you, I just successfully upgraded the app)