Gratitude Flow

Gratitude on your new tab page from people around the world

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Imagine Momentum + thankfulness and you get Gratitude Flow. We could all use a little more intentional gratitude and empathy everyday.
@writerpollock, thanks so much for hunting! Hi guys, founder here -- I’m currently a student at Duke University and I built Gratitude Flow because daily gratitude is something I've been trying to make a habit for a while now. Why care about gratitude? It's been shown that being grateful physically changes the chemistry in your brain and makes you a happier person. And if that wasn’t enough, it boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, and can even improve your relationships. [1][2] Gratitude Flow replaces your new tab page with a dashboard focused on making you a happier person. Reflect on what you're thankful for everyday, track how many people you've inspired with your gratitude, and see what people from around the globe appreciate in their lives. Our goal is to help you eliminate worries and beat negativity with a reminder of everything positive in the world on every new tab load. Get inspired to live a happier, more grateful life. [1] [2]
@kbyatnal gratitude is likely THE key to happiness. This looks great.
@kbyatnal @writerpollock Hi, I recently made Mindfulness And had very simillar idea planned for the near future. Will you be interested in some form of integration and data sharing? Very cool extension, btw :)
@k_ivanow @writerpollock Hmm interesting. DM me on twitter!
@kbyatnal @writerpollock Can't since you don't follow me :D
Love the photos in Momentum, this looks similar + with words that make you happy 😀🙌
This is so fantastic. I've been looking for a daily gratitude check and here it is. Im grateful for your product!
Actually writing out what you are thankful for and cultivating gratitude is the easiest happiness/health hack ever. Nice work!