Express gratitude to 3 things every day

#5 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2018

Gratitude help us express our gratitude to three things every day.


1. Record your gratitude every day.

2. Synchronize via iCloud.

3. Share your gratitude.

Free to download until January 9, 2019

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In the app screenshots I see the phrase “things that should be grateful”. Did you perhaps mean to write “things I should be grateful for”? The way it is now it seems like the things should be grateful for something, not the person using the app...
@anna_0x Thanks for pointing it out. I will express her more clearly.😃
@alithink express "it" ;) "her" is used to refer to females, "it" is neutral, used for objects. Hope this is helpful! 🙇‍♂️
@anna_0x Aha! It's a kind of personification 🙈
Hey there! This is a wonderful idea, and is something I would totally use! I was listening to a segment on NPR that said that the best frequency for expressing gratitude is on a weekly basis, and those who tried it three times or more per week saw no effect from gratitude journaling. You can check out the episode here:
@jamesstewart Thanks for your guidance 😊 I will check it out.
Great idea! Will you make an Android app?
@c10v32c1u6 Sorry, there is no plan to do the android version now. Because I used to be an iOS engineer, but now I am changing to machine learning. There is no much time to learn android development. It's so sad...😔
@alithink No problem, I understand. Best of luck with machine learning!
I like the simplicity of the app. Though the word "should" is just a tad bit harsh. I think saying, "What are you grateful for?" works.