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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 30, 2018

GratiBoard is a way to collect all of the love & gratitude you receive for your products!

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Hey PH! I wanted to build this product because of all the gracious emails & tweets I get from people around the world telling me they are inspired by my products! I love getting these emails, but I feel they just get lost in my inbox after I read them. So, GratiBoard allows you to collect all of this and put it in one spot! Some cool features: ✉️ Forward emails to our special email address, they'll get posted automatically to your board. 😎 Reply to any tweet with "@gratiboard", and we will automatically post that tweet to your board! 👻 Submit gratitude anonymously as well! It was a blast building this startup on my 24hr livestream ( Shoutout to @ksaitor for his epic livestream startup launch as well. ( Special thanks to everyone that helped out on the live stream. People are amazing! - @cameronrohani came through with a fire CodePen out of nowhere (congrats on getting married) - @emmalsalinas made this amazing logo you see here. - @jimmycowe @brianball @DigitalSparky @alecofjones for the unending support. Cheers! Pat
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Streamed live and launched in a day. Nice.


Built in a day - an inspirational project with real utility.


Built in a day - likely to have bugs.

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Interesting Idea @thepatwalls Well done on the 2nd "startup under 24h challenge" and thanks for inspiring so many of us to do the same! 🚀
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First play with Gratiboard - try it on twitter - use the custom email it provides. Then, go watch the live stream of how he built this while live streaming in one day ( with help from some friends and strangers. ) Excellent work Pat! et. al.
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Thanks for the mention Pat! Its a product we will definitely use for our company! Really love to watch your dedication and determination! 🙌
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@jimmycowe Thanks Jimmy! Was great having you help out on the stream and let me know how you like using the product. Lots of room for improvement!
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