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Hey guys, thanks for having us on ProductHunt. We're really, really excited about what Grasswire is. Basically, it's a wikipedia for news. Everything starts in our open newsroom ( Anyone can join. There we find, fact-check, and discuss the news. We have two full-time journalists there to help us out and make sure we're doing everything correctly. Anyone can edit the site. The website is mostly a way for us to produce all of the work that people are doing in a really compelling way so that someone like my mom can read it. At the end of the day, all of the news on Grasswire goes out to hundreds of thousands of people, and it's powered by all of us.
@austenallred Do you all have an API or looking to make a mobile app version of this? I'd love to add this to my existing mobile news reader or even better would love to build your mobile apps for you.
@itsthisjustin we will have one soon
@austenallred Great idea. Any plans on how to avoid the "dis-information" that surrounds a breaking significant event/crisis? Or is the idea instead to embrace the confusion and be a better collection for rapidly changing information/rumors/etc.?
@amitch5903 hey Alex. That's kind of the point. The entire newsroom tirelessly fact checks everything. Today CNN was saying something that wasn't corroborated by other sources, so the newsroom decided to wait. Turns out CNN was wrong. It's just a matter of responsible reporting.