An interactive workspace for creative research & planning

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Cool stuff! Love the design and will definitely give it a try for my next vacation planning. Just one question: are my projects public or private by default?
@nawidberlin They are all private per default, there is no way for others to search for it. However, you can share the link with anybody you want :)
We are excited to launch Graspwise, a more creative way to research and plan projects, events, travels and much more!
Definitely using this – great hunt :)
Nice job! I love the user experience design.
Cool product, like the idea of collaborative planning. I am excited to see how you will iterate the product.Therefore, quick feedback from my side: 1) where is the collaborative feature: how can I add/manage users? 2) I would work on the navigation though. Going back from project detail page to project overview is not very intuitive. 3) The blue Share button is a bit too prominent, is it your primary CTA? 4) I always wanted to have something like a collaborative calendar where I can insert concerts/festivals/parties/vacation/etc. and invite individual user/groups to share it with, just an idea. Good luck with this!