Grapple Bear

Fun physics-based platformer, all hand-drawn art and levels.

A skill-based platformer featuring hand-drawn visuals throughout, Grapple Bear is a game where you play as a mother bear on a journey to be reunited with her lost bear cub. The bear moves around with a grappling rope, hooking onto trees, bushes... etc.

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Grapple Bear launched today on iOS and Android. Grapple Bear is a solo project where I drew, designed and programmed the whole game myself. If this game seems like something you might be interested in or you have some recommendations feel free to get in touch with me.
I love the art style in this, this is just one of those games that oozes talent in it's style. Well done!
@aaronoleary Thanks so much :) Glad you like it
Digging the ~aesthetics~, @prokischdani