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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking us out! One thing we've noticed as developers is the reluctancy to write and maintain docs for their APIs. We're really excited to be able to launch this cool new developer tool for generating documentation for your GraphQL APIs that always stays up-to-date. At (, this was our way of creating and sharing the latest docs within our team so that every engineer can work off the latest version of the API. Since it was so useful to us, we thought that it would be really beneficial to share it with our fellow developers out there as well to use amongst your teams. If you wish, you can also make your API public on the site as well, so that others in the community can be inspired by a rapidly growing list of public GraphQL APIs. We'd love your feedback on how to continue to improve this site, and if you want a custom domain or custom styling for your docs, feel free to contact us directly on our Slack (! Happy developing, Vince
So useful! I can't believe this didn't exist already!
@idris Thanks for the support Idris! Really glad you like it
Wow the power of graphql keeps growing! Great move by the scaphold team to leverage this exciting tech
@bryantchou Thanks brryant!
This is great!
@m_patrik Thanks Patrik! Let me know if you have any feature requests. Happy to continue improving this site