Graphmented 2.0 is an update to the app that lets you create stunning charts and dashboards using augmented reality. With this update, you can now start browsing websites in AR.

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Cool stuff, but what pain point is this app solving?
@digikhiladi It doesn't need to solve any 'pains'. You're reading too much bad startup articles. This is cool and I'd use it.
@digikhiladi you must not open your image editor application to create pictures/collages like the example. I’m with you - very small target group and not a big pain. Maybe its just reputation and analytics they are looking for?
@edinvejzovic lol! You're right, I should read less! But I wouldn't use an app for a long itme just because it's "cool". I might use it a couple of times and then forget all about it - unless it really solves a pain point and makes my life easier.
@llabball Possible! It is a very "cool" side project I agree!
@digikhiladi So what, someone has done it to be fun above all else, it's obviously not an app to be used daily, but a cool gadget to have fun with, but as a designer, believe me that I'd use it for my moodboards and stuff if I had the right phone. So quit trying to sound smart just for the sake of it and realise that this is something done by a group of people and made with love and hard work, and try to respect it a little bit.

Rubbish in and rubbish out.





Very good thing for make research.
This is so sick 🤒! It has the flu *Air Jordan 12*
Great job!! Will check it out 😀