Create stunning charts using AR (Patent Pending).

Graphmented transforms your whole desk into a spreadsheets workstation. Drop sheets and charts on your desk as if they are real objects and make use of your whole desk space

Plot 3D and 2D scattered and grouped bars Charts, Record stunning videos of 3D charts exploration, import CSV and Excel files from iCloud Drive and Dropbox, and Google Sheets.

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Dani Guardiola ⚛I do things.
So you are gonna patent graphs in the next major computing platform... Not cool, I'm gonna be recommending against this app no matter how cool it is. It's ridiculous and it might affect me personally as a maker and potentially hundreds others to come. Cool graphics though.
Raman Shalupau
Maker @
I thought it OCRs printed spreadsheets! That would be cool 😎
@ksaitor agree with you that would be cool. However, the added value will not be great with limited number of observations (rows of data) that could be obtained from OCRs
Roy Hermann UelandCEO @ Cryptonomy
@ksaitor Thought so as well - shouldn't be too hard to implement, and I think the value would overshadow the issue with only being able to observe a limited number of rows. -- Could be amazing for teaching students about graphs IMO. Also, there are a bunch of apps made using this open source AR graphing library, so wouldn't say this is the first of its kind =)
Tatyana RomanovaCopywriter, Singree

great app





AlmaProject manager
What is the practical use of the tool?
Stéphane PossamaiTraffic Manager in Sophia Antipolis

It looks awesome!


great, visual, exciting


not available on Android

Philip BrechlerProduct Manager at ebay
So I kind of like the idea but I don't understand why everything happens in AR? I think it would be way easier to handle the sources in a classic interface and just let the diagrams happen in AR.
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