#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 28, 2018

GraphJS is an open source set of “stickers” that enables social capabilities on any web page. It makes it easy decorating your site with social features like:

* a powerful authentication infrastructure,

* forum,

* profiles,

* groups

* messaging

* ratings, comments

and more, as easy as adding an HTML tag such as:


  • Pros: 

    grou.ps product legacy


    grou.ps customer support legacy!!

    I hope the customer support with GraphJS will be better than the one with Grou.ps. I like the "chat" button right there on the homepage. Please do that with Grou.ps too.

    Joelle Vanwagoner has never used this product.
  • Turhan B.
    Turhan B.working on GraphJS

    multi-platform, free, open source


    none really

    I have been testing and doing QA on GraphJS over a month. It is really a high quality product and with its upcoming Android/iOS support it will become awesome.

    Turhan B. has used this product for one year.
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Emre Sokullu
Emre SokulluMaker@emresokullu · Founder, GROU.PS Inc.
I am optimistic that with GraphJS, and its soon-to-be-announced applications, we can build a better, more useful and interoperable social web. If you’re a web developer, we invite you to try it out for yourself at https://graphjs.com.
Clark Gerrick
Clark Gerrick@clark_gerrick
@emresokullu +1 congrats buddy when will you switch Grou.ps to this?
@emresokullu Pozdrowienia! Zespół Grou.ps Polska 🇵🇱🤓🤛
Kenya Fostervold
Kenya Fostervold@kenyafostervold
@emresokullu good luck Emre, and thanks for your help with Maria.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
Sounds like an amazing service with a terrible name. I don't think if I was searching for similar tools I would ever type "graph" in my search. Also by typing "graph" + "js" I will get chart like libraries, or things related to graphql results. It's a weird choice of name.
Emre Sokullu
Emre SokulluMaker@emresokullu · Founder, GROU.PS Inc.
@tostartafire You may be right :) It's already happening.
Mujtaba Azim
Mujtaba Azim@mujtaba_azim1
@tostartafire Yeah. I mean social.js would have been a better name.
Fırat Demirel
Fırat Demirel@firatdemirel · Senior Tech Writer, Startup Advisor
Emre has a clear open source vision, and GraphJS is a great tool for social web. Wordpress Plugin is a big plus! 🏆
Emre Sokullu
Emre SokulluMaker@emresokullu · Founder, GROU.PS Inc.
@firatdemirel tesekkur ederim Firat'cim 🤞😇👋
Emre Sokullu
Emre SokulluMaker@emresokullu · Founder, GROU.PS Inc.
In a single day, we have exhausted Heroku's all-time instance limits! Thanks everyone for your interest.
Steve Slugs
Steve Slugs@steveslugs
Congrats guys 👏congrats @emresokullu