Graphite Publishing

Own your data, own your words, own your blog

Graphite Publishing is a decentralized blogging platform. You do not have to rely on the apps you use to store data on your behalf. Choose your own storage provider and start owning your writing with Graphite Publishing.

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Hey Product Hunt! My name is Justin Hunter and I'm the creator of Graphite Publishing. This app was a fun little side project that extended from my main work as the founder of Graphite, a decentralized and encrypted productivity suite. I've told this story a million times, but it's always worth telling again 😃 I did not grow up wanting to be a developer. I grew up wanting to be a writer. I started blogging when I was young, wrote short fiction, wrote novels. I received my MFA in creative writing. And about the time I was finishing my graduate program, I started worrying about where I was storing my writing (Google Docs at the time). So I set out to build a system where I could experience the same convenience as Google Docs, but know that I actually owned my data, not Google. Graphite Publishing is an extension of that same desire. Sure, you can self-host a WordPress or Ghost blog, but in the end, you are still relying on the security of the hosting provider you choose. If there is a breach, you in-progress content (whether you ever intended to publish it or not) would be available to the world. With Graphite Publishing, your in-progress content is encrypted with encryption keys that you, and you alone, own. You can choose to use the free, default storage or you can connect your own storage hub for your content. In either case, if the hub you are using is ever breached, you in-progress content is still secure because it's encrypted and only you can decrypt it. Ok, enough about that! Let's talk features. Here's what you get with Graphite Publishing: 📃 Rich text editor for your blog posts (with full HTML editing if you want to get fancy with your designs) 👓 Focus mode allows you to enter a full-screen view with no toolbar and just your words 🌙 Night mode gives you a dark background for those nights of peacefully writing 🎨 An HTML editor for designing your site and your blog posts for a truly custom experience 🔑 Encryption of everything until you publish it and say the world can see it ™️ Custom back-end branding including your account name or logo instead of a Graphite Publishing logo 👤 Decentralized identity anchored to the bitcoin blockchain (but don't worry, it's not complex and happens behind the scenes) 🏠 True ownership of your content (like owning a house instead of renting) This is still very much a beta product, but I hope you'll give it a shot and provide feedback. There are sure to be bugs and there is a lot on the roadmap including: 👥 Team publications 🔗 Custom domains 🔁 Integrations (both inbound and out) Give it a shot and let me know what you think! If you're interested in what can be created with Graphite Publishing, here's the Graphite Blog designed entirely in Graphite Publishing and with all posts created in Graphite Publishing: https://publishing.graphitedocs....
@jehunter5811 Awesome to see this live! A decentralized blogging platform has been one of the most requested apps on Blockstack for a while.
@muneeb thanks, Muneeb. Actually had most of this built since August of last year then let it sit while focusing on Graphite’s core offering.
Cool idea. Can you clarify where the content is hosted? Is it on AWS/GCP but managed by blockstack?
@ernopp by default, all data is hosted on Blockstack PBC’s Azure storage hub. However, users can configure and use any storage provider they’d like. This is much easier on Graphite right now, but that same ease is coming to a Graphite Publishing soon!
Start writing gives a 404
@exist2016 hey Manoj, that’s no good! Can you shoot an email to contact [at] graphitedocs [dot] com with your operating system and browser info? It’s an alpha product with bugs...but it should absolutely load for you.