Powerful free open-source JavaScript vector graphics library

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Hi all, I am the CEO at AnyChart, the developers of GraphicsJS. I will be glad to answer your questions if any. GraphicsJS is a free and open-source JavaScript library for easily drawing any HTML5 graphics and animation from scratch. It is lightweight and more powerful in terms of out-of-the-box features than the existing SVG/VML based components on the market including the segment's former leaders, Raphaël and Bonsai. Key features of GraphicsJS making it stand out: * Powerful line drawing - far beyond just Bézier curves (any curves, arcs, and other forms and shapes). * Virtual DOM - for drawing rapidly and only what is necessary. * Smart layering system (including z-index). * Rich text features - multiline texts, text measurement, including width, height, as well as wrap, overflow, indent, spacing, align, etc. * Our own transformation engine - no need to use embarrassing in-browser transformations. * Support for legacy browsers (IE6+). * Very convenient JS API with chaining support. * Full accessibility support (Section 508). Website (demos, docs, API...):P Please let me know what you think. We care about your opinion. Thanks, Anton
The graphics look great. Though I can't view the jsFiddle source code in mobile to see how it works.