Graphic Design Bot

A Messenger bot that helps you with simple design tasks

Graphic Design bot by Design Crew is a Facebook Messenger bot that helps you with simple design tasks. Get help creating social media assets and graphics in minutes!

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Hello ProductHunt! I'm James, the co-creator of the Design Crew App. I've been tinkering and designing for years, and I wondered, why not build a Facebook chat bot that designs assets for your social media pages? The person creating content for your brand's social media channel is probably already logged into Facebook, right? Why not interact with them right there in the platform? What it's turned into is a bot that helps you with small design tasks. The design work is powered by ultra-talented humans, of course. Similar to CodeGophers, Growmodo, and Text-a-coder. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'd love to hear any feedback as well! Thanks for upvoting!
@futhey Great idea, my inputs: I think the bots need to understand the context and sometimes validate the input as well.. for example, check my recent conversation with the bot:
@gansai9 Good feedback! The bot is more of a “Decision tree” (Think ATM) than a smart chatbot, although I have added some “fuzzy matching” for some common things. Since it's in Facebook, we can see transcripts of each conversation on our page, and I follow up with many visitors who “get stuck” or have questions not answered by the bot. Your request was really helpful & I'll use the transcript of your conversation to make the bot better. Thanks!
@futhey @gansai9 I can help with the intelligence bit.
Interesting idea. Gotta pour one out for Maybe this could replace it
@evankimbrell Thanks for the feedback! We believe that, if you can automate everything required to make a design project successful, and let talented designers focus solely on design, it's a win-win for everyone. Platforms like 99designs usually force designers to do a lot of free work in order to get paid, and the outcome can be subpar for both sides. So, we're trying something new, and I think the result will be better for designers and their clients.
@futhey I was talking about the separate product they ran called "Tasks". It was $29 and you got auto matched to a designer to work on your task for an hour
@evankimbrell Got it, thanks. That sounds like a much better business model!
Testing now, but one thing that leads me to believe you guys get design, is how often the call to start messaging is placed on the landing page - noice one. @futhey
@futhey awesome start! Graphic Design is always a pain point of all online marketers. As per my 3 emails with you, I believe DesignCrew can become an OnDemand Design Marketplace for all online design needs, especially popular demand like Facebook cover, FB ads, Twitter background, Youtube channel art, Instagram posts... I have been thinking for a while how DesignBold can work with DesignCrew. How about this: ++++++++++++++ 1. DesignBold can provide (via API) all templates for free so that DesignCrew can list into the chat conversations 2. Base on the design templates showing instantly in the conversation, user can select a design hewant and add a note on the modification he expects 3. You, your team can do the design tweaks and send the "editable links" to your customers who may continue to edit, collaborate visually on the design. There are 2 solid reasons for this integration: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. Offering a base design to start with + online, real time collaboration can save a lot of time for you and DesignCrew's customers. 2. We have a database of 3400+ of premade templates, your customer can decide something very close to what he needs. 3. It's free, totally from DesignBold. We can talk about automate the whole process via a white-label API, but we certainly need time to get there. Your thoughts?
Hey guys - just stumbled on this. Love what you guys have created at Design Crew! Such an important service to offer to businesses in need of design help. How are you guys thinking about differentiating from services like CloudPeeps?