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Johannes Schickling
@_schickling · Co-founder of Graphcool
Update: As a thank you for all the great feedback, we've decided to offer a free "Project" plan to everybody coming from Producthunt today. You'll find the option on the pricing page! ✌️ Hi everybody, I'm really excited to introduce Graphcool, the GraphQL backend for mobile & web developers :) About a million lines of code and 1.5 years ago, we set out… See more
Julian Bauer
@julianbauer_ · Designer / Founder @ Overnice
We're accompanying Graphcool for a little less than a year now, taking care of User Experience and Design. It's impressive how fast those guys move and how the service evolved in this time. For everyone who's interested in the progress: We'll share more on the design topic here soon: https://dribbble.com/graphcool
@danieldaniel · Automating UI/UX Design at Hackerbay.com
We build multiple apps every month with a graph cool backend. I know the guys and they are working their asses off 14 hours a day to build a better product.
Sacha Greif
@sachagreif · Designer, Sidebar
GraphQL is quickly establishing itself as a key piece of the modern web app stack, and Graphcool is a great way to get started with it without having to write any code. Congrats on the launch!
Hugo Point Côté
@thook · Product / Technology @Whire
This one is a no brainer. Both the product and the team are amazing, their developer support is great and they got me back to coding on Sundays ;)