Marketing teams rely on Grapevine’s influencer marketing platform to jumpstart online word-of-mouth by collaborating with trusted social influencers to create original content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

With Influencer Marketing Academy, you'll gain all the knowledge you need to create, build, and launch effective Influencer campaigns.

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Hey ProductHunt! We launched the Influencer Marketing Academy for one specific purpose: to educate marketers on the inputs they need to make in order to create powerful influencer marketing campaigns. In these free tutorials you'll learn: - How to discover the right influencers for your brand - Tips for writing effective creative briefs for video campaigns - Optimization insights to actually get your content to perform - And more! We'll be adding more tutorials, insights, and musings as the weeks go by. Absolutely let me know if you have any feedback or want us to dive into a certain topic surrounding the influencer channel!
A well done (and growing) project by Jibran and Kim who spent a lot of time listening to marketers' pressing questions about influencers (how do I find the right people, how do I measure quality, how can I determine price and reach, etc), and packaging that up into short, digestible videos that don't wax poetic and help you get the most out of the influencer channel. 👏👏👏
This is super cool @jibranmalek! What is the biggest hurdle you find for connecting brands and influencers?
@kendallhtucker Great question! There are a few small hurdles we've been seeing partly due to a lack of education about the space. Because the field is relatively new, we see lots of brand marketers ask about: 1) what kind of metrics are reliable when working with influencers 2) Brand safety as in "how can I trust this creator to be a custodian for my brand" and 3) how can I be sure that x type of influencer is right for my audience?
@jibranmalek This is amazing!! Am very much looking forward to learning more through this series. As far as subscription goes, what is the best way to stay on top of the series, subscribe to Grapevine's channel through Product Hunt? When will each video be posted, every Friday, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? Looking forward to following this series! Very cool.
@grace_bernicker Thank you, Grace!! Best way to get notified on new episodes is through the form on the IM Academy landing page. In terms of when each video will be posted, expect bi-weekly for now and for more segments to start popping up when we can get in a regular cadence. Anything in particular that you're curious in learning more about?
Awesome resource! This information is really hard to find in one place when launching influencer campaigns. Quick Q: When firms look to book creators whats a good way to estimate how much to pay them? @jibranmalek
@jedbreed Thanks, Jed! And sure. Based on our data, It costs just about $1,000 to book a creator with a subscriber count of 100,000. However, this can vary based on deliverables, etc. We wrote about it pretty extensively in this blog post here: