Grapevine is a software platform that allows business teams to get asynchronous video updates from remote team members each morning. Short one-way video updates help keep remote and local teams connected without having to schedule or attend in-person meetings.
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Hey Product Hunt! We’re excited to launch Grapevine, a platform designed to help remote teams stay connected with asynchronous team meetings. I work with remote employees & contractors around the world and one of the problems I've found was trying to keep everyone in sync due to different locations and time zones. We really like being able to have daily stand-ups and weekly team meetings but scheduling everyone together is a major challenge. To solve that problem, my partner Mark and I created Grapevine. Our goal was to create a simple to use asynchronous meeting tool that we could use to be more effective with our remote teammates. Any feedback you have is much appreciated as we start to prioritize new features. Thanks! Brandyn
@brandynmorelli Looking cool, congratulations on the launch — looks very useful for teams that are spread out across the globe! Question: Does it integrate with Slack? Would be awesome, as it would prevent me from having to add another tool to my stack :)
@stevenvvessum Thanks for the kind words. We’re actively looking at Slack and Zapier integrations as well so that it can become apart of an existing workflow. For my team I’m personally interested in using slack notifications + automating videos updates into existing ClickUp tasks.
@brandynmorelli Congratulations, as part of a global team. I could see so many use cases, especially for people working in limited overlapping time zones.
@brandynmorelli I see a great use of Grapevine for client feedback. Clients send feedback to coach/mentor on their progress, and receive feedback from coach. You could effectively communicate with a few global/international clients this way. Could Grapevine be used this way. This is what I was thinking of using Grapevine for.
@janemanthorpe Super interesting. I run an agency as well and didn't really think of that use case. Thanks so much for the feedback!
It's a great concept for distributed teams that are working in different time zones, but do need to stay connected and up-to-date on each others' progress.
Awesome! I see an awesome use case for agencies w/ client updates. Could potentially be used for 'micro vlogging' as well for small communities. Do you have plans for integration with Slack, etc?
@brooklin_nash - Client updates is something we've been hearing a lot of feedback about recently which is super interesting (especially as an agency owner). Yep, integrations with Slack integration is in the works, probably our most requested feature.
@brandynmorelli Great to stay in contact with your team!