An app for managing your mental health

Grapefruit is an app for managing your mental health. Write your journal, track your habits and emotions, and use the unique rating system to tie everything together. You then get back real data on your mental health that you can use in your healing.

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Hey folks! Grapefruit is a passion project of mine (maybe I should have called it Passion fruit!) that I made to help keep track of my own mental health state. I've been a big fan of journalling and tracking emotions and how I was feeling about certain things in my life, but there wasn't a good app to bring those things together. So I made one! And because I love numbers (who doesn't, they're so darn cute) I wanted a numeric representation of how I was doing. And one of my favourite parts of having the number side is being able to filter your journal entries so you can read back only certain ones. Like, reading only what your wrote on your very best days when you were feeling hopeful. That can be very powerful when you're trying to find the energy for another dull day. Anyway, doing this has had a great positive impact in my life, and our early users and testing team found the same. It's amazing how just taking a step back and writing down a few things every day can really help the mind grapes feel less like mind grape jelly. Happy to answer any questions and curious to get any thoughts or feedback! We just launched the desktop versions (Mac and Windows) and the mobile will be coming very soon. Thanks for peeking at my fruit, hope you have a happy day! ❤️
@angusw Looks super nice, but are there any plans for a trial version?
@danroc Thanks and great question! :) We have no concrete plans right now, but I can definitely see that happening after we get the mobile versions out. We'll probably also add some demo videos on the website so you folks can get a better feel for it.

There are some great apps like this for phones, but because I spend all day on my computer, and prefer to write with a real keyboard, I could never really stick with them. But now I can keep track of my journal and emotions and such in one simple interface on my computer. Huzzah!


Finally an app like this for Mac! Plus it's wonderful set of journaling/emotion tracking tools, with great interface.


Really needs iCloud or Dropbox sync. Perhaps a menubar item on Mac for quick entry?

Yes! Another desktop app fan :) Sync + mobile versions are coming soon! I'm a Mac & Android user personally – hard to find good apps with syncing between those two platforms so that was definitely one of the goals from the start!
Seems so good but why not a web app instead? :( I'm working on Linux and I would really like to get this kind of app in my routine, it looks really great! Anyway, good job it looks like a wonderful side project :)
@tahul Hey, great question and thanks! 😃 Two reasons we chose to do apps instead of a web app: - Cost. Web apps require an ongoing storage and maintenance costs, so to make them work long-term you really need a subscription-based pricing model. I really prefer the pay-once model as a consumer for an app like this. - Privacy. Your health and journal data can be really sensitive data, so we've heard from a lot of folks who don't want it living on a web server. They'd prefer it live locally on their computer and not be transmitted over the web. That said, if we get enough requests, we'll certainly do a linux version after the mobile ones!

really cool for someone just getting into the QS movement or wants a nice app with a clean UX to track the days. good companion to a 5 min journal


really flexible, great summary stats, good ux


no notifications. this is the one app where i do need a nudge a bit