Sports highlights straight from the crowd

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As avid sports fans, we (Daniel & Ryan) always asked ourselves "I wonder what it would be like to be there" and "what did that play look like from the stands". The answer to these questions were difficult ones. With all the amazing content readily available to sports fans, none of it allows fans to get a feel for the raw emotion that exists in sporting events around the world. This is why we created Grandstand. Instant access to sports highlights from the fan's perspective in the crowd. We are passionate about this app and want to provide the best experience to our users. We encourage you to download the app and discover all the features. Let us know what you think we are doing well, and what we can do better. We really appreciate all of your feedback.
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@dfry09 Hey man. I love it it. Nuff said. Is it any chance that we could connect maybe by email. I'm also working on a sports second screen/social network and would love to get some advice from you guys. Also I think you might like my idea and see a possibility of us working together some how. Please reach out.
Awesome job to the Grandstand team. This is a much needed product - glad to see how well it's been executed!
As another avid sports fan, I wish I had TV replays on my phone while in the stands.
@danr_4 1. If you're a baseball fan, MLB at Bat is phenomenal for quick TV highlights when you're at the game. Grandstand is just as quick for the fan views!
@danr_4 #NBARapidReplay is *really* good for this as far as NBA highlights go.
I've been downloading a lot of these sports apps lately. And no offense to the others, which generally don't add that much if any additional value beyond what ESPN and the league's own apps provide, this seems to be the opposite and does offer something unique. I'm not 100% sold I'll use it regularly, because clearly the well-produced highlights that you can already get just are better highlights... but for an occasional change of pace, I'll definitely keep it on my phone. Good work.
We're aiming to do exactly that @jeremyz123 . Provide unique content. Thanks!
Nice job guys. I see the phones out everywhere and wish I had access to the vid!