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Ordered a bunch of plain tees for $12 a piece, really nice quality (pima cotton)
@PieterPaul and I can confirm they fit and look superb. Too bad Piet's wearing them.
Just ordered some myself. Tees are tees, but at $14 each (counting shipping) isn't bad for anything above the cheap ones everyone else sells.
@SacBookReviewer thanks Ross, we hope you will love your new Peruvian pima tshirts, we have spent a lot of time perfecting the basic tshirt while keeping the prices extremely low. Hope to hear your feedback soon!
@pieterwittgen Just got my order and I'm impressed with not only the shirts, but the packaging as well. The hand written thank you note was the cherry on the tshirt sunday. Thanks for the excellent product and the very quick turnaround.
@SacBookReviewer Thanks Ross for the kind message and will share this with the team! . We always love to receive feedback on Grana. Also don't forget you can earn usd15 referral credit in case you have any friends of you buying at
Your descriptions of the fabrics and shirts are irresistible! I hope to place an order for some women's v-neck t-shirts. One note: I didn't find sizing info (women's shirts), something that I think most people would need before ordering. Thx!
@sandracarden Hi Sandra, thanks for your message. Our sizing chart is on the product detail page next to where you select the size, if you click on "what size am i" you should be able to find your sizing guide. We always love to receive customer feedback so we will think about how to make this more clear on the website. If you need any further help with picking the right size, you can also reach out to our customer service at and we can provide you some suggestions. Hope to hear from you soon! Best, Pieter
@pieterwittgen @sandracarden @grana Thx for answering my Q?s. Just placed an order.
Really excited about this. Grana seems to be able to attract talent. Looking forward to watching this amazing business grow.
such a shame about the minimum $10 shipping fee.