Export Youtube podcasts to Instagram and Snapchat

We're building Grampod for content creators to spice up social posts in just a few clicks. While simple for now, it is suggestive of where we're going. If you can pair sound w/ visuals & add/tweak effects in a few clicks, we think you’ll be excited to use it!
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We created Grampod because we felt it was too difficult to import audio and podcasts from Youtube to social medias like Instagram and Snapchat. Even though there are some online services for this, they seem too expensive for what they offer.
Great tool for repurposing content!
@lachlankirkwood can you please describe your idea more precisely?
Cool, except my podcasts are all about 60 mins long. What would be handy is if I could just enter the youtube URL, timeframe I wanted a story or post to appear for (eg. specific quote my guest might be saying between 0:22.25 and 0:22.45, and then Grampod spits it out onto Insta. Currently, creating audiograms for Insta is a pain in the butt, and I outsource it, but I'd rather automate where possible.