Turn your sound system into a WiFi music player

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Looks very similar to the Google Chromecast Audio, but with a higher price point. What's the advantage?
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@onatcer I haven't used Chromcast Audio, but as I understand it, it always streams through your phone. Gramofon connects directly to Spotify, so even if your phone is off or out of range, it continues playing. Spotify connect also means that any device with a Spotify client open can control it. I can start playing a song from my phone, and then pause it via the hardware button on my Mac.
@alexgorischek actually the Chromecast does exactly the same, you just control it through your phone. Spotify Connect works with the Chromecast too.
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It was cool before Chromecast (Audio) was a thing…
I bought a Gramofon when they first came out, but it's been to hard to setup and buggy that I've actually never actually got it to work and put it back in it's box. It's been on my shelf looking at me ever since. Grr.
@boetter They've released updates to the mobile app and the firmware—consider giving it another try if you get the chance
Backed it on Kickstarter. It was awesome. Chromecast Audio came out. It sits in my closet now.
Here's the video: