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Send Grammative a link to your homepage. We'll have expert human eyes review your page and email you a redlined PDF with their suggested edits.
We provide a super easy way to get your homepage proofread and improved by humans.
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Niko Dunk
Architect & software dev.
I used this service for my startup called The results have been great: conversions went from 1-2 a day to 8-10 a day with the same traffic (my content before was also pretty bad though apparently haha). Check them out! Back when I tried it, they didn't have a free tier. In case you need edits back faster, they have paid tiers where they don't charge by the word (as most people on Upwork do), and instead charge per page.
Thanks for hunting us, @niko_dunk ! And hello Product Hunt! Grammative scratches an itch I've long had - putting expert human eyes on webpages to help improve content. I was always blown away by how many websites had copy that was a bit off (bad grammar, poor word choice, etc). For those that may not have the resources or financial wherewithal, I wanted to democratize access to expert editors - hence, Grammative. We'll review all websites sent (we have a lot in our queue so it may take some time, apologies) but if you are in a rush and need it reviewed within 24 hours, we have a paid option. Thank you for your support!
Ellen Choi
Awesome service, I can definitely see this being super-helpful for conversion optimizations.
@lnchoi Exactly! Concise, effective content goes a long way in improving conversions. It's low hanging fruit - which is why we believe everyone should have access to a pair of human eyes that can offer content edits. Thank you for your support :-)
Hey, good product but its domain name undersell it. It is saying "" which in turn feels like a website which helps you to proof read your sentences like " " but your home page shows a complete different story where you actually help to write better copy which makes things more concise and easy to grasp by the visitor which spend just a fraction of seconds on the website.
Hi Amit! Thanks for the note - yes, rather than simply proofreading content, we suggest copy enhancements that improve visitor conversion rates. Our domain name was a play on the words ‘native’ & ‘grammar’ Thanks for your support!
Ashley BallTeacher | Business Owner | Web Design
I'm launching my first product and build the landing page. I've submitted and waiting to hear back from the "expert" humans ☺️
Hi Ashley! Thanks for submitting, and congrats on building your first product!!! We’ll be sure to review your page as soon as we can, thanks for your patience and support!
Muhammad KhanThinks and reports Internet Security
Human reviews are already available, why not update it with AI tools and make it automated?
Hi Muhammad! Great question, yes - there exist many services for human reviews, our differentiation is that we are a free service to help entrepreneurs (especially for those whose first language may not be English) improve their website copy. We believe language should not be a barrier to the globalization of entrepreneurship which is one of the main reasons we started Grammative. Scale-wise, I agree that using AI to help automate this may be the most pragmatic solution. However, our hypothesis is that folks are okay waiting a bit to get their site reviewed by human eyes. And in case they need their site reviewed faster or have lots of content for us to review, we have paid options. Thanks for your support!
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