Capsule collection of five Perfect White Shirts

Grammar is a capsule collection of five perfectly-tailored white shirts for women, constructed by hand in NYC's legendary Garment District from 100% organic cotton. Our direct-to-consumer business model ensures that the luxury-level quality of our shirts is attainable. Attainable, sustainable luxury: the uniform for the conscious city woman.

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Hello Product Hunt Community! My name is Althea Simons, and I want to tell you about the perfect white shirt. Every woman needs one of these in her closet, so why are they so hard to find? The fit issues are numerous – the shoulders don't fit, the boob gape, I could go on. Meanwhile, the fast fashion industry keeps cranking out ill-fitting, poor quality clothing that falls apart within a year. Our closets are sad, and so is our planet as landfills and pollution levels soar. Grammar is the solution to your white-shirt woes. We've perfected the fit so the shirts look good on everyone. They're made by skilled craftsmen right here in NYC's legendary Garment District from crisp, high-quality, 100% organic cotton. No nasty chemicals, no exploited workers, no boob gape. Just well-fitting, well-made, beautiful shirts. Our goal is to create a minimalist work uniform consisting of structural, stylish separates made with sustainable materials. The Perfect White Shirt Collection is the first step. You can check out our story and the collection on Kickstarter at I hope you absolutely love it! Thanks so much, Althea