Connecting Non-profits and Instagrammers

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When scrolling through my Instagram feed, I'm impressed by the quality and creativity of the photographers on the platform. I'm sure you've experienced the same. Gramforacause is the brainchild of @denisechan26 to make that talent easy for the non-profit world to harness. We all know non-profits are stretched for resources, and Gramforacause helps non-profits tap into photographers willing to help!
this is an awesome concept. cc @mazzeo could be great for social good product collection :)
@mazzeo @eriktorenberg Thanks for the support Erik! Can't wait to see the people we meet through this and the stories we'll build.
Thanks again to @anthonymarnell for hunting Gramforacause today and to everyone for your support so far! If you have any questions or feedback, happy to speak to them here. Essentially, Gramforacause is a free service that will save non-profits time and resources in finding photography or Instagram services. On the flip side, it will also help photographers expand their portfolios or connect with causes they're most passionate about.