The place to find your grail piece at a reasonable price.

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Kunaal Arya
Kunaal AryaHunter@kunaalarya · BD, Kiip
@_jacksmith from their about page: "that piece you obsess over owning but can't afford or find." I've seen the word used in fashion forums but not much elsewhere.
Anoop Kansupada
Anoop Kansupada@anoopkansupada
I've been looking for something like this--- @riceadam and I have been messing around on here and he actually sold a couple pieces.
Kunaal Arya
Kunaal AryaHunter@kunaalarya · BD, Kiip
These guys have been getting a lot of traction lately. There's a ton of these sites/apps targeted to women, but this is the best one for mens' designer fashion. Heard about it on Reddit, where pretty much everyone uses it in the Buy/Sell threads. Right now you have to go through forums like StyleForum/SuperFuture or eBay to find stuff but it's a pretty poor experience. I put up 4 pairs of high end shoes this past week on eBay/Styleforum/Grailed and most of the interest has been on here. Met Arun (solo-founder) today and he's got some awesome plans for it.
Jack Smith
Jack SmithPro@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
absolutely think that there's a need for this. but what the hell does a "grail piece" mean?